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Teesside Society for the Blind
[This is also the first contact address for CNV]

Stockton Road
tel 01642 247518

A National Association
of Talking Newspapers links many of the the local groups throughout the country. 
This is The Talking Newspaper Association, UK (TNAUK).
TNAUK is a registered charity providing national newspapers and magazines in a variety of different medium.  They are situated at Heathfield, East Sussex and for a annual subscription there is an unlimited choice of over 200 publications to its subscribers.

Cleveland News and Views
a talking Newspaper
for Teesside and Cleveland


Cleveland News and Views (CNV) was founded over 30 years ago to provide an audio newspaper for blind and visually impaired people in the Cleveland area.  Since then we have produced over 1000 editions, most on cassette tape but now on CD

What do we do?

CNV is an audio recording of local news, produced every two weeks.  It is available as a CD for all visually impaired people who request it. The CDs are delivered by post.  This is free to those who have a visual disability.

Why is a talking newspaper needed?  

Visually impaired people need Talking Newspapers for the same reason sighted people read the local newspaper - to keep in touch with the local community. The recipients represent a wide cross section of the community and a small number live outside of the Cleveland area but use CNV to keep in touch with their roots.   The Talking Newspaper helps keep people in contact and maintain an active interest in life.   Talking Newspapers can provide an intimate sense of belonging, bringing familiar and friendly voices into the home with each issue.
How is CNV produced?   

Local news items are collected from the Evening  Gazette newspaper during the preceding two weeks.  They are recorded by a team on readers on alternate Mondays.  A second section (the Magazine) is recorded during the previous week. Both sections are combined to produce a master CD which is copied and posted to listeners on the Monday afternoon or Tuesday.   We use special plastic wallets which have reversible address labels. The items are posted using the free postage service under the "Articles for the Blind" regulations.  The wallets are returned after the CD has been delivered - again without cost to the listener.

Cleveland News and Views Talking Newspaper is a local, independent, registered charity.  It is run by volunteers who come from the surrounding area.  A number of people are involved and jobs are organised on a rota with each volunteer taking a particular part of the work.

Becoming a Listener  

We are delighted to welcome new listeners to CNV. This is a free service and anyone who is blind or visually impaired is eligible to receive the CD.  To obtain your first edition please contact us at Teesside Society for the Blind.

Becoming a Volunteer   

We are always pleased to welcome anyone interested in joining the Talking Newspaper's  volunteers. We require people with reading skills and, in particular, technical skills. Training will be given to new volunteers as appropriate. The time commitment can vary from an evening session every two months to a longer session once a fortnight - we are happy to fit in with your existing activities.

What do we do?